Candle Safety 101: No, You're Not Supposed to Burn Them All Day

This is the first blog in a series of blogs about candle safety! Burning your candles properly is not only important for safety reasons, but your candles will perform better when they're well-cared for.

That little warning label on the bottom? Yeah, this one. It's not just there for looks, there are actually some really important things on here. There are numerous variations of this little label, but they all say almost the same thing. We're going to focus on two for this blog: keeping lit candles away from drafts and burning for no more than 4 hours at a time.

Just Say No to Drafts
Trust me, I understand how tempting it is to turn your ceiling fan on or open a window to help push a candle's scent further. But having a drafty room is bad for candles. Drafts can push the flame towards the sides of the vessel instead of sitting in the center, increasing the surface temperature of the vessel and creating a potentially hazardous situation. If your candles don't fill the room, then you need to be sure that the candle you're burning is big enough for your space! One of our 3oz Mini candles will be perfect in your bathroom or small bedroom, but not so much in your living room.

Please Don't Burn Your House Down
This sounds like a joke, but this is no joking matter. You might be thinking, "why four hours?" Because in four hours time, candles should have reached full melt pool (ie: melted wax touches all sides of the vessel) and it should be no more than 1/3"-1/2" inch deep. If your candle is more liquid than solid, Houston, we have a problem.

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